And Life Goes On…

This week, right here in my home town, somebody died.  And somebody was born.  Someone else fell in love.  And somebody had their heart broken.  Probably quite a few people in each of those categories, and you might even know some of them.

And life goes on…

This week, all around the world, the media found one thing after another to try to terrify us with.  There’s always another tragedy that could potentially happen right here at home.  There’s always the potential that the candidate that the media is freaking out about might win the election.

And life goes on…

This week, somebody lied.  (And the audience gasps).  Yes, I know… I did too, maybe you did as well.  What is this lie I speak of?  Somebody asked me how I was doing, and I said “Okay”.  And usually, it’s kind of a little white lie.  But sometimes we are really hiding something that we’d actually, deep down inside, desperately like to talk to somebody about.  There were times this week that I had to lie to say so, but if I’d have told the truth, what would they have done with the reality?  If you asked someone how they were doing and they said that life had them overwhelmed and they just didn’t know what to do, what would you do?  So we lie.

And life goes on…

This week, my mindset was starting to turn around after a couple weeks off kilter.  After a insignificant encounter on a sidewalk caused my PTSD to re-surface, it took a couple weeks, and a few caring friends to get everything nearly back in it’s place.  And yet, there was that lump in my throat, reminding me that I had been rather stressed out.  But nobody really wants to hear about that.  So I lied.

And life goes on…

I pray that as I climb this hill back on to level ground, the lessons I learn might make me a better friend.  I hope I’m a good enough friend, that all who know me might know that I will listen to their truth.  I hope I can learn to see when I ought to ask another question to get through the lie, if that’s what whomever I’m speaking with might need at that moment.  And for all those who lied along with me because you just couldn’t talk about the trouble that’s just below the surface- I wish I could reach through these words, and hug you so tight that all the broken pieces would meld back where they belong.  I pray someone does love you that much.  My wish for each of you is that you might be able to say with me-

“And life goes on…Isn’t it grand to have so much to be grateful for?”


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