Definitely not Home

Photo 101- Day 2- Streets


As the title says, this is definitely not at home for me.  With limited daylight hours here this time of year, it’s hard to catch something fresh every day if the work day runs a little late.  This is a street picture that really brings back memories for me though.  For me, the foreground of this picture is the sign for the Old Quarter Hotel, as I stayed there on my only night in Amsterdam, which just happened to be the night of their “turning on the lights” festival and opening of the streetside Christmas markets.  The morning I left, it was classic Amsterdam weather- drizzling and cool, but fantastic photography light.




8 thoughts on “Definitely not Home

  1. I love those narrow streets. I think you did a great job with difficult lighting. This is exactly the situation where I would just give up trying to take a photo and do my best to remember the beauty with my brain camera.

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