I got kinda lucky today.  I was out doing my job, which blesses me with the opportunity to be out and about in a truly special part of the world.  This going about my work provided two of the following shots, before I knew what today’s theme was.

Really?!? Am I the only one?

This lone crocus is in my back yard.  It’s way too early, but this solitary little soldier insists on doing it his own way.  Or maybe it’s “her” own way?  It doesn’t matter.  I admire the spirit of perseverance.

Chief Mountain

This was part of my lucky day at work.  Chief Mountain is a beautiful sight anytime, but normally there are a lot of other mountains in the scene.  Even with the rest of the mountains around Chief Mountain, it still always stands apart from the rest, but today the Chief was truly solitary!  Today, the clouds isolated the Chief, and I couldn’t resist getting out the camera to take a shot.  This is such a majestic mountain.  It’s in Montana, but I believe we get the best view of it from the Canadian side of the border. Then I got home from work and realized I had gotten a great shot for theme, totally unplanned.


Bald Eagle in Flight

As I left me last call for the day, I saw this eagle sitting in a field.  I parked, opened the window, and as focused, he rose in flight, right into the third line of my camera.  Better luck than good management involved in this shot.

I hope you enjoyed, happy shooting!


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