In the past little while, I have had a couple different people tell me that I am brave for dealing with the hand that I was dealt.  That’s what it boils down to.  Abuse happened to me, and I’m alive, trying to thrive.

And some times, more and more often all the time, thankfully, I do.  Thrive, that is.  But is this really bravery?  I suppose, somewhat, but right now, I want to pay tribute to some people that I know are much more brave than I. (To clarify, not necessarily people that I really know, but I have seen glimpse of their bravery if I don’t know them personally, reading their writing makes it feel like I do)  So here goes.

To Glenna – – whose bravery facing what her life has thrown at her recently- Cheers!

To Mia – – Your openness in letting it all hang out is so inspiring!

To the many brave men who have shared their stories with the “Bristlecone Project”.  Please check it out.

To the students at Duke University speaking out through the “Breaking out 2016” project.  To think that at the age they are speaking out, I couldn’t even admit that I had been molested!

To children everywhere who are surviving, just waiting for an opening to escape and thrive- God bless you with the strength to survive, and freedom from whatever you’re going through.

There are so many more that I can’t list them all, this list can’t possibly be all inclusive, as I’d never get done typing that list.  However, there’s lots of room in the comment section, please feel free to add a tribute to someone you see as brave.

This is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Please read what you can about identifying, preventing, and helping people- yourself or others, heal.  LEt’s work together so that there might be less need for this kind of survival bravery.

XOXO Duane




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