Orderly, Eh?

So todays daily prompt word is “Orderly”.  I’ve never written a post in response to a daily prompt, but since I just wrote a blog on the use of “I” vs. “you”- Language- You vs. I – the idea of order kind of caught my fancy.  See, a lot of my life has not gone according to what many would consider to be good order.  Maybe even disorderly would be a better way to describe a lot of my life.  Now, to be fair, most of the disorder wasn’t created by me, nor would I wish it on anyone.

However, when I own the disorder in my past, I give my life a chance to gain order.  Blaming others for the disorder only helps me to wallow in self pity, whereas owning the fact that this happened, enables me to ponder- now how can I turn the lemons into lemonade, the disorder into order.  I think the disorder from my past has made me a stronger person, and now I can enjoy a more orderly life.

Cheers, Y’all


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