Sitting in S#!t

OK, so this title is not very original- it’s based on a chapter in the book I’m reading (Conversations with a Rattlesnake by Fleury and Barthel). Chapter 9 in that book is titled “Learning to sit with Your Shit”. It’s a fascinating read about a part of emotional healing that I have to really work on.

The idea is to let oneself sit and feel the emotion of what is going on, no matter how shitty (Okay, I’ll try stop using the “s” word now) it is. The concept behind this, and I know it works for me, is that by allowing the emotions to flow, and trying to interact with my own emotions, I can actually deal with and understand what I’m feeling. This tends to- when I remember to use this technique- really help me get all the way through what I’m feeling and why, instead of just quelling it and running from my emotions.

It’s a real STRUGGLE most of the time though. Really, who wants to sit in THAT???
And to be fair, there are many emotions that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have had professionals force me to “sit in it”. There are some things that I definitely shouldn’t process on my own, although that is a smaller and smaller part of my emotional reportoire these days, as I get more and more comfortable with myself.

I’d love to hear anybody else’s experiences with “sitting in it”

Lotsa luv,

Written in response to today’s daily prompt:Struggle


2 thoughts on “Sitting in S#!t

  1. “Funny”. I heard this song randomly today as I was out walking with the boyz and think it kind io hits home with your writing tonight Duey.

    You know that you are never alone, not with your Spiritual Self guiding your way, and you’ve always got my number if you want to chat.

    As for sitting in shit, yes, sometimes it is most definitely necessary. When it is the thickest is when I pull put a journal I am not afraid to rip the pages from when done and let my pen flow. It is those writings that remind me of the ritual of burning them and asking that the pain and hurtful pattwrms be taken away amd replaced with love and light. It is something that is “easier” to avoid, but it doesn’t help me grow and in fact just re-places the stones on my spirit and buries my connection to the divine and thereby true joy amd love in life.

    Sending you a little love and light tonight,

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