Bovine TB and PETA BS

Sheep, Shotguns, Soapboxes and Shitshows

Its time for Bedford to sound off about the Bovine TB case that emerged in Alberta, a province already heavily beleaguered over the past year. That being said, I am of course by no means an expert on these matters. I’m just writing from my own perspective on how I see things and hope that it might present the situation in a clearer light for those people who may not see the  severity of this situation in its entirety for the people involved.

Imagine your life being flipped upside down. Everything… gone, just like that. Your whole entire life and life’s work finished in an instant. No warning given and zero time to prepare. That’s something that isn’t exactly easy for people to fathom, myself included. That is however, exactly what could happen to Brad Osadczuk when the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) phoned him up, and told him that…

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