The Grand Funk

It’s like a train, going to nowhere
This down feeling I need to share
Nothing really wrong
Just living a sad song
But yet there’s nothing feeling right
Life feels grey, though the sun is bright.

After a week of being short fused
And a good weekend, I can’t get enthused
Two days with the daughters I love
And a morning in church feeling God’s love
Still I feel like I’m dragging myself around
My head is just not sound.

I know the drill- “cheer up!” they’ll say
Anyone who’s never felt this way
I wish I could, I know I should
But my heart seems made of wood
Just not feeling anything happy
All around feeling crappy.

So I’ll ride this Grand Funk Railroad,
Hoping that the gloom will just unload
Right around the next curve or two
Or maybe right after the tunnel I’m going through
Maybe tomorrow morning, after a good night?
So here’s hoping, praying, for the light.

I’m not trying to bring anyone down, just needed to get some of my feelings out into cyberspace to clear my own head. The rookie prose above is pretty accurate for today.

God Bless!


3 thoughts on “The Grand Funk

  1. You have expressed yourself in a way that speaks volumes to my own feelings at times. Those funks are exhausting to be sure. I am proud of you for the way you have expressed yourself in vulnerability and am sure that there will be many who can relate. May you never lose hope, even through the funk.

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