As Old as it Looks

Photo101- Architecture and Monochrome

For this project, I raided an old archive of photos from a trip to San Antonio.  The old missions in San Antonio have been turned into a fantastic National Historic Park.  This one is not the oldest, but still nearly 300 years old, and monochrome totally suits this walkway, and ironwork.

San Antonio Walkway
Arched Walkway at Mission San Jose
San Antonio detail
Ironwork at Mission San Jose



Which one?

Photo101- day 15- Landscapes and Cropping

One of My favorite parts of the world is right close to home- The Porcupine Hills of South Western Alberta.  I chose to do this assignment a little different than most I have seen.  I am posting this original image from a few years ago, and then a few different crops of this image.  I’d love your feedback.

Porcupine Hills (original image)
edit 1
Porcupine Hills- high right
Porcupine Hills- top left
Porcupine Hills- hilltop

I love how a simple crop totally changes the image, but also how each cropped image misses some of the big picture is kind of a reminder to look at the big picture in life and photography.  Because I took the big picture I could crop it down to a small focus.

A little late…

Photo101- day 11- Popping Colours

As I was sitting here, impatiently waiting for today’s assignment to come in, hoping I’d still have daylight left, there it was!  The email!  I read it, looked around, and the first colour that caught my eye was green.  I know, I know, St Patrick’s day was last week, and you’re all sick of green, but I had fun.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my fun as much as I enjoyed my time shooting!

I love the first greenery of Spring!

I had to start in my flower bed.

Still life in the Garage #1

I then moved to my garage for the next few.  First, two studies on the same subject(s).  Which works better for you?

Still life in the Garage #2

Last, but not least, my watering can, just impatiently waiting for plants to water…

Watering Can by a Pallet

I hope you’re having as much fun with this as I am!


Photo101- day 9- warmth and light

My first attempt at doing a post from my phone instead of the laptop. Definitely not warm light outside today, it’s gonna be a good day to have to work inside at a trade show, so I stole a few older images off my phone and a couple scanned slides from many years ago that I had saved on my phone.


 One of two abandoned churches in Dorothy, Alberta. Shot on slide in 2003. These churches have since been fixed up to be preserved.

One beautiful morning, this view was hindering my progress at work. The view from my office window is often good and occasionally exceptional!
  There’s a beautiful retreat center at Caroline, Alberta, where I’ve done a lot of personal healing and sometimes go to share in others’ journeys. One beautiful evening last fall, this was what the sky treated us with.

Second of two abandoned churches in Dorothy, Alberta. Shot on slide film in 2003.

Standing Tall

Photo101, Day 7- BIG

This topic really connects (get it?) back to day six.

On day six I said a little bit about this bridge.  It’s really awesome, and a great place to play with a camera.  The land around the base is public parkland, so very free access.  This is the largest railway structure in Canada, and the largest bridge of it’s type in the world.

Riveted tower on the High Level.
Lethbridge CPR Viaduct (High Level Bridge)

Holding Fast

PHOTO101- day six- Connect

Holding fast, won’t let go

This is my job, don’t you know

The trains that pass me by

Above me, way up high

They count on me, so I hold fast.

This is a part of the base of the High Level Bridge (Lethbridge CPR Viaduct) which was built in 1907-1909.  It is over one mile (1600m) long, and rises 314 feet (95m) above the river bed.  I’m sure this bridge will show up again in the course of this photo course.


Bolt on the base of the High Level bridge


I got kinda lucky today.  I was out doing my job, which blesses me with the opportunity to be out and about in a truly special part of the world.  This going about my work provided two of the following shots, before I knew what today’s theme was.

Really?!? Am I the only one?

This lone crocus is in my back yard.  It’s way too early, but this solitary little soldier insists on doing it his own way.  Or maybe it’s “her” own way?  It doesn’t matter.  I admire the spirit of perseverance.

Chief Mountain

This was part of my lucky day at work.  Chief Mountain is a beautiful sight anytime, but normally there are a lot of other mountains in the scene.  Even with the rest of the mountains around Chief Mountain, it still always stands apart from the rest, but today the Chief was truly solitary!  Today, the clouds isolated the Chief, and I couldn’t resist getting out the camera to take a shot.  This is such a majestic mountain.  It’s in Montana, but I believe we get the best view of it from the Canadian side of the border. Then I got home from work and realized I had gotten a great shot for theme, totally unplanned.


Bald Eagle in Flight

As I left me last call for the day, I saw this eagle sitting in a field.  I parked, opened the window, and as focused, he rose in flight, right into the third line of my camera.  Better luck than good management involved in this shot.

I hope you enjoyed, happy shooting!


Photo 101 day 4- Bliss- Take 2

These pictures are in and of themselves not what I was looking for.  Yes, they are blissfully peaceful and beautiful natural settings, but what they really mean to me is in the fact that they remind me of a beautiful vacation with my daughters.  Having said that, a vacation in Banff can be very blissfully fantastic as long as one is OK with hiking for solitude or putting up with crowds at the major attractions.

Bow Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park


Surf ‘n Sand

Photo 101 day 4


It’s cold at home, but here on the Florida beach it’s oh so nice and NOT COLD!  The smell of the salty surf, the sand in my toes (and everywhere else), and not only do I not need a parka, I don’t even need a shirt.  There is no picture forthcoming on that situation, thankfully.

Ah, the feeling of sand between the toes…

But, seriously, when I think of bliss, this was a very recent trip to Florida.  It was a cold November week here in Alberta, but it was so nice to have work send me to Florida for a week.  I rarely just relax, but there I did.  I played in the water, gathered some shells for my daughters, and just soaked up the warm air.