Through the Glass(less)

Looking through the glass(less) windows.

Near my home town, there’s a little ghost town called Dorothy, Alberta.  It has two churches and a grain elevator.  About fifteen years ago I found this town, and all of these pictures are from that trip.  I’ve been back a few times- now the churches have been fixed up and the elevator has lost it’s roof to a wind storm.  Back then, however, the church that I took these pictures from was very decrepit, and, might I add, photogenic.  Someday, for a different post I’ll show the outside of what I’m talking about, but for “frame“, I had to share these.




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Which one?

Photo101- day 15- Landscapes and Cropping

One of My favorite parts of the world is right close to home- The Porcupine Hills of South Western Alberta.  I chose to do this assignment a little different than most I have seen.  I am posting this original image from a few years ago, and then a few different crops of this image.  I’d love your feedback.

Porcupine Hills (original image)
edit 1
Porcupine Hills- high right
Porcupine Hills- top left
Porcupine Hills- hilltop

I love how a simple crop totally changes the image, but also how each cropped image misses some of the big picture is kind of a reminder to look at the big picture in life and photography.  Because I took the big picture I could crop it down to a small focus.


Photo101- day 9- warmth and light

My first attempt at doing a post from my phone instead of the laptop. Definitely not warm light outside today, it’s gonna be a good day to have to work inside at a trade show, so I stole a few older images off my phone and a couple scanned slides from many years ago that I had saved on my phone.


 One of two abandoned churches in Dorothy, Alberta. Shot on slide in 2003. These churches have since been fixed up to be preserved.

One beautiful morning, this view was hindering my progress at work. The view from my office window is often good and occasionally exceptional!
  There’s a beautiful retreat center at Caroline, Alberta, where I’ve done a lot of personal healing and sometimes go to share in others’ journeys. One beautiful evening last fall, this was what the sky treated us with.

Second of two abandoned churches in Dorothy, Alberta. Shot on slide film in 2003.